Bottle Top Dispenser

Bottle Top Dispenser
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  • Item #: dispenser

Excellent chemical compatibility and precise dispensing

  • Easy to use with simple, quick volume adjustments
  • Dispenser is in 0.2mL scale increments
  • Wetted materials: FEP,PTFE, borosilicate glass

Unique PTFE piston with intergral o-ring provides smooth motion and high accuracy. Features a built-in 30-mm threaded screw top and include adapters for 28-, 32-, 36-, 40- and 45-mm bottles. Dispenser is easy to calibrate and disassemble for cleaning.
What's Included:
individually certificate of calibration and calibration tool

Product Type Bottletop Dispenser
Volume (mL) 10
Accuracy ±0.5%
Division (mL) 0.2
Range (mL) 1 - 10
Reproducibility ±0.1%
Wetted parts Borosilicate glass, FEP and PTFE
Qty/ea 1
Autoclavable Yes
Brand Cole-Parmer


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Price $650.00
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