Inhibidex 90 capsules

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INHIBIDEX has proven to be the king in reducing estrogen and blocking the conversion of androgens turning into estrogen. INHIBIDEX acts as a suicidal inhibitor, meaning while reducing the amount of androgens that convert to estrogen, it binds to the aromatose enzyme and creates an irreversible action. High levels of estrogen in men can lead to reduced LH (luteinzing hormone), which in turn lowers overall testosterone. Controlling estrogen can also decrease fat storage, increase libido, and show increases in vascularity and overall definition. INHIBIDEX can be used by males and females as an anti-estrogenic compound. Dosage of 1 cap a day is good
-Decreased Estrogen
-Reduce Water Retention
-Increase Testosterone
-Block Aromatization
-Increased Libido


per capsule 25mg arimistane

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