Performance Oil- 100ml

STEROID™ FREE MUSCLE, is now available as a topical posing oil which will provide almost instantaneous gains in muscle mass, size, and definition which is far superior to any other site enhancement oil available. You can GAIN 3″ in ONE MONTH on your Biceps and triceps – this is GUARANTEED!

  • The dramatic results arrive as a result of the internal swelling of numerous groups of muscle fibers and the stretching of the muscle fascia. This muscular activity is extremely similar to the internal processes which occur during a strenuous bicep barbell curl workout.
  • The new vascular tissue is produced while the muscle is expanding and filling with blood, which results in what are actually semi-permanent gains.
  • This blood supply is increased because of the brand new vascular tissue, which provides additional nutrients, allowing the muscle to grow even more!
  • This results in permanent gains of real muscle mass and definition.
  • Unlike all of the other site enhancement oils available on the market, which can blur and smooth out you definition.

SYNTHANOL™ gives you a much harder, more defined look that lasts much longer.

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