1000ml Nalgene MF75 Bottle Top Filter - 45mm Neck size

1000ml Nalgene MF75 Bottle Top Filter - 45mm Neck size
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Nalgene® Rapid-Flow™ MF75 Bottle Top Filters, PES Membrane, Sterile, Thermo Scientific

1000ml Capacity with .22 pore size, 90mm Membrane Diameter

The asymmetric PES membrane is an extremely clean, low-extractable, fast-flowing membrane. It provides excellent throughput and low protein binding of media and other solutions. The 0.2µm pore size membrane provides a last line of defense against bacterial contamination. The 0.45µm pore size membranes are suitable for particle analysis, scintillation counting, prefiltration of aqueous solutions, and general cytology.

Just screw the bottle-top filter onto a sterile vacuum-rated media bottle with a 33 or 45 mm neck size, or a pre-sterilized disposable receiver flask for direct vacuum filtration of your liquid samples. Available in both 33mm and 45mm neck sizes to fit both narrow (33mm) and wide mouth (45mm) media bottles with standard threads. Radiation sterilized; certified noncytotoxic; nonpyrogenic.

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