TURKESTERONE 500mg x 90 caps

TURKESTERONE 500mg x 90 caps
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Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid which is a steroid found typically in plants and insects. They are responsible for the development of these insects - specifically the molting and growth aspect of them.

Turkesterone in supplement form is typically from a Leuzea plant. Many of these ecdysterones are similar in their effects on humans, but typically Turkesterone is seen as having the most powerful effects.

Turkesterone has gained a lot of interest in the bodybuilding community as it can dramatically improve your performance, gains and alter your body composition.

It has been compared in it's effacacy to anabolic steroids but have none of the androgenic downsides that those compounds contain. It also is considered "natty" still and is not banned by WADA (yet at least).


Turkesterone has numerous health benefits including:

  • ·        Can help improve lean muscle tissue
  • ·        Improve body composition and muscle-to-fat ratio
  • ·        Improved memory performance
  • ·        Increased muscular endurance.
  • ·        Improved recovery time.
  • ·        Potentially shows positive outcomes with anxiety
  • ·        Potentially can improve sleep, cholesterol, and glucose levels
  • ·        Similar benefits to steroids without having to cycle or do PCT

Most athletes use Turkesterone primarily for the aesthetic and muscle building benefits - but the ancillary performance and health benefits are not to be ignored either.

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